Peep this

Besides baseball, spring brings all sorts of seasonal candy: Cadbury eggs (creme, caramel, and mini), chocolate bunnies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup eggs, and Peeps. Seemingly consisting of pure sugar and capable of withstanding nuclear war, these latter currently enjoy a renaissance not for their ability to turn your tongue blue and your brain on 11 but for their kitsch value. Eschewing pedestrian media such as oils, water colors, and charcoal, our more avant garde artists express themselves in pure, spongy color. Enjoy a few classic examples below, and ponder how you might use a few of the 700 million Peeps purchased annually to create your next opus.

Edward Hopper . . . how appropriate

Thelma and Louise

Pole-dancing Peeps

Peep cannibals

Peeps cube

Reservoir Dogs . . . check out the detached ear


~ by Moldorf on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “Peep this”

  1. This is by far my favorite post yet. Viva la Peeps!

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